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Court rules four months to prosecute corruption

The Supreme Court of India recently ruled that the government must decide within four months to prosecute corruption cases. This has reportedly been prompted by delays in the prosecution of A Raja, the former telecoms minister, who is alleged to have caused state losses of $40 billion in the auction of mobile phone spectrum.  It seems that inaction in the legislature to strengthen anti-corruption laws may have forced a shift to a friendlier institution, the Supreme Court.  This from the BBC:

India’s government must decide within a set time frame whether a public official can be prosecuted for corruption the Supreme Court says.

If a decision is not made within four months, the sanction for prosecution will be deemed to have been granted.


An earlier Delhi High Court ruling had refused to give direction to the prime minister on decisions on such prosecutions.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that filing a complaint under the Prevention of Corruption Act was a constitutional right that required a response within a set time frame.

Justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly ruled in favour of Mr Swamy’s petition.

Mr Swamy, who had complained of an “inordinate delay” of more than 16 months in the decision to prosecute Mr Raja, said the ruling was a slap in the face for the government.

Link to the article: India court in key ruling on corruption prosecutions.

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