Corruption Law Enforcement in Indonesia (1993-2012)

Indonesia has had corruption laws on its books from at least the 1960s and even earlier if one includes acts of corruption included in the Dutch colonial criminal code. However, the enforcement of these laws has been problematic. It is very difficult to find reliable legal statistics on corruption law enforcement, even those aggregated at the national-level. The figure below is my best effort (thus far) to track-down the total number of corruption cases prosecuted each year in the past two decades. The main source is the website of the Supreme Prosecutor for the years 2005-2012 (see here) but for earlier years I’ve had to rely on Indonesian publications and newspaper quotations of officials from the Supreme Prosecutor. Although there are numerous data gaps in the first decade, I think the general trend is clear.

Corruption Law Enforcement in Indonesia (1993-2012)

If anyone can help fill those gaps, please please please do get in touch.

P.S. I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog over the past few months in order to focus on the thesis but I hope to be back soon(ish).


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