Presidential Permission to Investigate Regional Heads Unconstitutional

In a landmark decision, the Constitutional Court announced on 26 September 2012 that Article 36 (1) and (2) are unconstitutional.  These articles required police and prosecutors to obtain presidential permission to investigate Governors and District Heads in corruption investigations–see here and here.  Article 36 (3), which requires presidential permission to arrest regional heads, was spared.  But the court clarified that police and prosecutors could proceed with arrests if the president did not respond within 30 days.

There are two relevant decisions, which I have yet to read, are here in PDF format:

The latter is cited more often in the press, and was brought by Feri Amsari, lecturer at Andalas University; Tetan Masduki, Transparency International Indonesia; Zainal Arifin Mochtar, lecturer at Gadjah Mada University; and ICW.

Donal Fariz, a researcher at ICW, explained that we should not see police and prosecutors delaying their investigations because of delays in seeking presidential permission:

“Ke depan, dengan adanya putusan MK ini, kami tidak ingin lagi mendengar jaksa-jaksa tidak memeriksa seorang tersangka ataupun saksi kepala daerah karena masih menunggu izin dari presiden,” kata Donal. article here: ICW apresiasi penyidikan kepala daerah tanpa izin presiden.


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