My IPSA conference paper abstract

I just finished a paper that I will give at the IPSA annual conference in two weeks time in sunny Madrid.  It’s basically a short, initial version of what I hope will become two theory chapters of my dissertation.  It’s definitely a work-in-progress conference paper, not a work-now-complete paper.  Here’s the abstract:

Please feel free to email me if you’re interested in the full paper.


8 thoughts on “My IPSA conference paper abstract

  1. Andi Yoga Tama says:

    Looks very interesting, can I have the full paper? Jadi tergoda untuk membaca versi lengkapnya. Thanks, Andi

  2. […] in Madrid where I presented a paper on sub-national corruption prosecutions in Indonesia (abstract here).  The list of panels is available here; there were 12 panels in this section (and other panels on […]

  3. Peter Rooney says:

    Hi Sam, I couldn’t see the abstract here but would love to see the paper. I’ll be working on sub national governance issues in Afghanistan soon – the comparison with Indonesia will be very interesting

    • excuriae says:

      Hi Peter. That will be an interesting comparison. I suspect it’ll be quite different to Indonesia, perhaps more like a dysfunctional Africa state where top-leaders siphon money out of the country.

      Not sure why you can’t see the abstract. It should be embedded in the post–perhaps you don’t have Java enabled on your browser? Anyway, I’ll send the paper to your email.

      Cheers, Sam

  4. Ardhino Harsiano says:

    hi Samuel, I just found out the blog accidentally when searching about corruption. would love to read the full paper, hehe
    could you send me the paper into my email?
    thanks.. 🙂

    • excuriae says:

      Sure Ardhino. Just send me your email address. I’m curious to know why you were searching for information corruption — are you a student?

      • Ardhino Harsiano says:

        My email address is just the same as the email address i used for commenting in this blog.
        i’ll answer your curiosity from email, hehe

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