Civil Society Leaders Meet Soemarmo in Cipinang Prison

This photo, reported in Jaring, shows leaders from some of the main legal and anti-corruption NGOs in Central Java meeting with corruption suspect Soemarmo in Cipinang prison.  The article suggests this explains why there has been little local civil society action (“aksi“) in relation to this case.  The individuals in the photo:

  • Slamet Haryanto, Director LBH Semarang
  • Rahmulyo, Coordinator AMPUH
  • Zainal Abidin, Gerakan Pemuda Ka’bah Jateng (GPK)
  • Fuad, former Director Yayasan Wahyu Sosial (YAWAS)
  • Fuad Abdullah, Head HUMANIKA.

Interestingly, it quotes Eko Haryanto from KP2KKN, who was not at the meeting with the Soemarmo in Cipinang prison, suggesting that KP2KKN had made a mistake delegating the legal work to LBH in the civil society submission of a praperadilan in the Sukawi Sutarip case.

Article here: Astaga, Aktivis Anti Korupsi Semarang Bezoek Koruptor.


Slamet Haryanto, Director of LBH Semarang, explains his visit to Cipinang in this article–Kunjungi Soemarmo, Aktivis Tampik Tudingan untuk Lobi Anggaran–noting that his visit related to local government funding for a number of programs implemented by LBH.  In my view, the reliance of local NGOs on local government funding for their activities compromises their ability to act in cases involving that very government.

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