NGOs Request Review of Sukawi Corruption Case

On 26 April 2012 five NGOs — LBH Semarang, YAPPHI Solo, KP2KKN, PATTIRO Semarang, and AMPUH  — submitted a request to the Semarang District Court for a pre-trial hearing (praperadilan) in relation to the provincial High Prosecutor’s decision to halt (SP3) the corruption investigation of Sukawi Sutarip, the former Mayor of Semarang who switched to the Democrat Party during the investigation.  I’ve noted this case here.  The following national and regional news outlets reported on this development:

Tribun News: Lima LSM Gugat SP3 Kasus Korupsi Manta Wali Kota Semarang.

Detik NewsGugat SP3 Korupsi Eks Wali Kota Semarang, Buto Cakil Beraksi di PN.

Merdeka.comKasus korupsi eks Wali Kota Semarang dipraperadilankan.

Skalanews: SP3 Kasus Korupsi Mantan Walikota Semarang Dipraperadilankan

Solo PosKORUPSI SEMARANG: Terbitkan SP3 Sukawi, Kejakti Digugat Praperadilan.

SuaraMerdeka.comGugatan SP3 Sukawi Masuk Pengadilan.

And here’s some images from the events held to attract press attention:

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One thought on “NGOs Request Review of Sukawi Corruption Case

  1. […] reported on the pre-trial hearing in the Sukawi Sutarip case  held on 2 May 2012 — see here and here for background on this case.  The article is not very clear about the arguments put […]

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