Rembang case still where it was a year ago

The NGO KP2KKN was in the newspaper today drawing attention to the lack of progress on 16 cases from Central Java, including one of my cases studies.  The case from Rembang involving the current Bupati Moch Salim has been under investigation since 2009, about three years (see here and here).  It is still stuck were it has been for the past year: the President has not provided the authority to investigate the Bupati, and the Supreme Audit Agency seems reluctant to re-estimate the state losses.  Here’s the opening paragraph of the article in Suara Merdeka:

The investigation 16 corruption in Central Java by the police slowly continues. Among the cases is the alleged misuse of Rp. 5.2 billion ($577,000) of capital funds for the Rembang Bangkit Sejahtera Jaya company between 2006 and 2007 and which the current Bupati by M Salim is a suspect.  The case is delayed because the president’s permission (to investigate) has yet be handed down and the BPK has yet to estimate the state losses.

Pengusutan 16 kasus korupsi di Jateng oleh kepolisian berjalan lambat. Di antaranya kasus dugaan penyalahgunaan dana penyertaan modal PT Rembang Bangkit Sejahtera Jaya dari APBD 2006 dan 2007 senilai Rp 5,2 miliar oleh tersangka Bupati Rembang M Salim.  Kasus itu terhambat izin presiden yang belum turun dan masih menunggu penghitungan kerugian negara dari BPK.

Original article: Lambat, Pengusutan 16 Kasus Korupsi

h/t KP2KKN’s media blog, here.

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2 thoughts on “Rembang case still where it was a year ago

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