Lost in Central Kalimantan!

As just mentioned, I’m currently in Indonesia looking at some corruption cases involving the government’s large CDD program PNPM.  Right now I’m in a town called Puruk Cahu in Murung Raya district, Central Kalimantan, taking a look at the process and outcome in this case:

The Head of the Investment Coordination Board for Central Kalimantan, Salingkat Pardosi, said the person who took Rp. 919 million ($100,000) of funds from the National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) in Murung Raya in 2009 has been arrested.

“The perpetrator is a facilitator who changed his identity in Muara Teweh and fled to Demak regency, Central Java. In his hometown he built a luxury home, bought a car and established an internet cafe business,” said Salingkat Pardosi, in Palangkaraya, Tuesday (15/03/2011).

Kepala Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal Daerah Kalimantan Tengah, Salingkat Pardosi, mengatakan, pembawa kabur dana Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PNPM) Mandiri Pedesaan Murung Raya tahun 2009 senilai Rp 919 juta sudah ditangkap.

“Pelaku merupakan oknum fasilitator, sempat mengubah identitas diri di Muara Teweh dan melarikan diri ke Kabupaten Demak, Jawa Tengah. Bahkan di tempat asalnya itu sempat membangun rumah mewah, beli mobil dan usaha warung internet,” kata Salingkat Pardosi, di Palangka Raya, Selasa (15/3/2011).

But the main reason I wrote this post is to show the map below.  I’m that pin in what can only be described as an Indonesian version of a frontier town.

It was about a 10 hour drive from the capital Palangkaraya.  I think this is probably one of remotest towns I’ve visited in Indonesia.

Kompas article: Fasilitator PNPM Bawa Kabur Rp 919 Juta.


2 thoughts on “Lost in Central Kalimantan!

  1. Mira Clark says:

    Great reporting.I am so surprised that there is not a way to stop the corrupt person’s funds cannot being frozen and that he can been brought to further justice. Otherwise, it appears that the World Bank condoles such poor conduct.
    Concerned reader

    • excuriae says:

      Thanks Mum. In this case the Prosecutors did confiscate these assets and in the Courts decision the judge awarded some assets be returned to the state via the PNPM program. Unfortunately the asset that has value–the house–has been used as collateral for a loan so it’s not clear whether the program will be able to sell the house and use the proceeds for the community sub-projects planned in 2009.

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