Judicial Commission: 274 Complaints Received in Two Months

Another article on the Judicial Commission noting that it received 274 complaints about the performance of judges in the first two months of 2012.   The article notes that from 2005 to 2011 the Commission received 6,090 complaints but only recommended sanctions in 134 cases.  This would suggest that the two months are double the average over the past six years, although I’d imagine there were relatively few reports in the first years.  This article from Suara Merdeka (here):

The Judicial Commission (KY) in the first two months of 2012 acknowledged that it received 274 reports from the public on alleged violations committed by judges in the district State Courts, provincial High Courts, the Corruption Courts, and the others in Indonesia. This statistics were provided by KY spokesperson, Asep Rahmat Fajar, on Thursday (1/3).

He said that, in addition to receiving these reports, during the month of January 2012 until February 2012, the KY made inquiries into seven judges and 31 witnesses. “It has implemented a one-time Assembly of Honourable Judges (MKH),” said Asep.

As is known, from August 2005 until December 2011, KY received 6,090 reports from the public (excluding duplicate reports) on the behavior of judges and has issued 134 sanction recommendation.

Of that number, 79 sanction recommendations were sent to the MKH or proposed to the Supreme Court (MA). However, 55 recommendations were rejected because they involved the technical aspects of judicial decision-making although it has been sanctioned by the Supreme Court.

Komisi Yudisial (KY) dalam dua bulan pertama tahun 2012 mengakui telah menerima 274 laporan dari masyarakat, terkait dugaan pelanggaran yang dilakukan oleh Hakim di Pengadilan Negeri, Pengadilan Tinggi, Pengadilan Tipikor dan yang lainnya di seluruh Indonesia. Hal ini disampaikan Juru Bicara (Jubir) KY, Asep Rahmat Fajar, Kamis (1/3).

Dikatakannya, selain menerima laporan tersebut, bahwa selama bulan Januari 2012 sampai Februari 2012, telah dilakukan permintaan keterangan kepada 7 hakim dan 31 saksi. “Telah dilaksanakan satu kali sidang Majelis Kehormatan Hakim (MKH),” papar Asep.

Seperti diketahui, sejak Agustus 2005 sampai Desember 2011, KY telah menerima 6090 laporan masyarakat (di luar tembusan) mengenai perilaku hakim dan telah mengeluarkan 134 rekomendasi sanksi.

Kemudian, dari jumlah tersebut, sebanyak 79 rekomendasi diterima dengan dijatuhi sanksi dan diajukan ke MKH atau diambil alih oleh Mahkamah Agung (MA). Tetapi, 55 rekomendasi di tolak, karena dianggap termasuk ranah teknis yudisial walaupun telah dijatuhi sanksi oleh MA.

The low percentage of reports that lead to sanction recommendations and sanctions themselves suggests that those reporting to not fully understand the types of issues that this institutional mechanism can address, that the KY lacks the resources to properly follow-up on reports, or that the KY and the MA are too lenient on the judges.

h/t KP2KKN’s media archive blog, here.


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