Make Corruptors Poor!

There was a series of articles about support–including from the President–for impoverishing those convicted of corruption. The idea being that those convicted of corruption would have their assets seized and that the possibility of poverty would deter politicians, civil servants, and others from engaging in corrupt transactions.

This from Luky Djani, Deputy Secretary General of Transparency International Indonesia, as quoted in Suara Merdeka (here):

“If we use all our legal instruments we can impoverish corruptors,” said Transparency International Indonesia Wasekjen, Luky Djani in Sindo Radio discussion at Warung Daun, Jl Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta, Saturday (3/3).

According to him, making them poor criminals will provide a scary “role model” for those who wish to engage in corruption. [This strategy of] impoverishing the corruptors can be applied by the law enforcement agencies.

“It’s necessary to use a variety of legal instruments in order to not only obtain the maximum sentence but also to ensure their impoverishment,” he explained.

“Kalau kita menggunakan semua instrumen hukum kita bisa memiskinkan koruptor,” kata Wasekjen Transparency International Indonesia, Luky Djani dalam diskusi Sindo Radio di Warung Daun, Jl Cikini Raya, Jakarta Pusat, Sabtu (3/3).

Menurutnya, membuat koruptor miskin akan memberi “teladan” menakutkan bagi mereka yang ingin korupsi. Memiskinkan koruptor bisa diterapkan oleh penegak hukum.

“Harus menggunakan berbagai instrumen hukum, agar tidak hanya memperoleh hukuman maksimum tapi juga dimiskinkan,” jelasnya.

And this from the President as quoted in (here);

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono supports verdicts that impoverish corruptors. The decision of judges to confiscate all the property of those convicted of corruption could provide a deterrent effect. This penalty can also make people think twice before committing corruption.

“This makes the fight against corruption more effective through the emergence of a deterrent effect. Thus there is a preventive element. Thus we would expect that the number of those who wish to engage in corruption would decline.” said presidential spokesman, Julian Aldrin Pasha, Friday (2/3), at the Bina Graha, Jakarta.

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono mendukung vonis yang memiskinkan pelaku korupsi. Putusan hakim yang menyita semua harta pelaku korupsi dinilai bisa memberikan efek jera. Hukuman ini juga bisa membuat orang berpikir ulang sebelum melakukan korupsi.

”Hal ini membuat upaya memerangi korupsi menjadi lebih efektif dengan timbulnya efek jera. Ada unsur preventif. Mereka yang ingin melakukan korupsi diharapkan semakin berkurang,” kata Juru Bicara Kepresidenan Julian Aldrin Pasha, Jumat (2/3), di Bina Graha, Jakarta.

I’m sceptical this would have much impact in the standard criminal justice system.  Like those who argue for the death penalty for corruption (which is something I should post about soon), this essentially amounts to increasing the possible punishment for corruption and hence the bargaining power of law enforcement agents in their deals with suspects.  The reaction of local politicians would probably be to invest in the central political connections required to block investigations.

h/t KP2KKN’s media archive, here.

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4 thoughts on “Make Corruptors Poor!

  1. Memberantas Korupsi janganlah Setengah Hati….tidak mudah untuk Memiskinkan mereka…karena menyembunyikan kekayaan bisa disiasati. gak usah tanggung tanggung….Korupsi yang merugikan Negara lebih dari Dua puluh kali lipat Gaji pokok Pelaku di Hukum Mati aja. pasti Korupsi akan Hilang dengan sendirinya. Salam.

    • excuriae says:

      Memang betul bahwa pemberantasan korupsi perlu dilakukan dengan penuh hati. Tapi saya belum juga yakin bahwa hukuman mati dapat menghilangkan korupsi di Indonesia. Ada hukuman mati di Cina untuk korupsi tapi setahu saya di Cina dan juga di Indonesia pelakasanaan hukum sangat tergantung politik. Kalau ada kubu yang ingin menjatuhkan orang mereka memakai kasus korupsi, tapi ada banyak sekali korupsi dan koruptor yang dilindungi oleh politik dan diabaikan oleh penegak hukum. Kalau hukum masih sangat tergantung pada politik saya sendiri kurang nyaman mengadvokasi untuk hukuman mati. Tapi harus juga ingat bahwa saya berasal dari negara yang melarang hukuman mati.

  2. Corruption not half-hearted …. Impoverish Way is not easy … BECAUSE hide wealth can be handled. not have to Corporate Responsibility …. The State of Corruption harms more than twenty times the Basic Salary Dead Actors in Law wrote. Corruption certainly will disappear by itself. Salam.

    • excuriae says:

      Salam Pak Gempar. You’re right. It will be very difficult for law enforcement agents to seize these assets as they are often registered in the name of others and the widespread use of cash makes it difficult to track transfers. It’s incredible the levels of corruption. Despite the efforts of KPK and the agencies it doesn’t seem to be having any deterrent effect. Thanks for your comment.

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