ICW Annual Corruption Monitoring Report for 2011

ICW released its annual corruption monitoring report two weeks back.  The report includes data on actors, sectors, the modus operandi, the institution or agency involved, location, the legal response, and makes recommendations.  Overall they identified 436 corruption cases involving 1,053 suspects.  The estimated state losses totalled Rp. 2.2 Trillion or approximately $245 million.  Suspects were most commonly civil servants, contractors or regional parliamentarians.  The highest numbers of cases were in the education and regional finance sectors; whereas the highest total state losses were in the government investment (presumably infrastructure) and regional finance sectors.

Here’s the presentation summarizing the report:

The report mostly uses national and local newspapers sources to track cases and their outcomes as well data from KPK, the Police and State Prosecutor’s Office.  This is done through a network of local anti-corruption NGOs to collate newspaper.  I’m only familiar with KP2KKN’s media archive for Central Java which is excellent for the past 3-4 years.  I too am using local newspapers to build a database of local corruption cases from 2000 until 2010 for two provinces–East Java and North Sumatra–which I hope to make publicly available when the cleaning is complete.

Thanks to Adnan for sending me the report.  ICW’s website is: www.antikorupsi.org


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