Further Statements of Democrat Congress Cash

The Secretary of the Party Democrat’s Regional Leadership Council, Dani Sriyanto, was quoted in Suara Merdeka last week stating that he immediately returned the envelop containing $10,000 to those seeking his support for Anas Urbaningrum’s election at the PD’s 2010 Congress in Bandung (article here).

Secretary of the Democratic Party DPD for Central Java, Dani Sriyanto, admitted immediately returning two envelopes containing 10,000 U.S. dollars. Because he was committed to supporting Marzuki Alie in the second round and did want his decision changed by money politics.

“I immediately returned the money to the person who handed it to me. I cannot mention his or her name. However, I have given the name of the person to the Commission for the Democrat Party,” Dani said after an examination conducted at Menara Sudirman, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/2).

In fact, Dani, who at the that time served as Acting Chairman of the Party’s Leadership Council for Sukoharjo, did not have time to open the envelope. Because he immediately rejected it. In fact, the envoy said the amount of money in the envelope was U.S. $ 10,000.

Sekretaris DPD Partai Demokrat Jawa Tengah Dani Sriyanto mengaku langsung mengembalikan dua buah amplop berisi uang sebanyak 10.000 dolar AS. Sebab, dia sudah berkomitmen dan tidak ingin dukungan kepada Marzuki Alie pada putaran kedua terpecah akibat politik uang.

“Saya langsung mengembalikan uang tersebut kepada orang yang menyerahkannya kepada saya. Saya tidak bisa menyebutkan siapa namanya. Namun, nama orang itu sudah saya sampaikan kepada Komisi Pengawas PD,” ungkap Dani usai pemeriksaan yang dilakukan di Menara Sudirman, Jakarta, Rabu (22/2).

Bahkan, Dani yang saat itu menjabat sebagai Plt ketua DPC PD Sukoharjo mengaku tidak sempat membuka amplopnya. Sebab, dia langsung menolaknya. Padahal, utusan itu mengatakan jumlah uang dalam amplop adalah 10.000 dolar AS.


He is probably more senior than Diana Maringka–who was one of the first to speak of the payments in public–and suggests that some in the party are not abiding by T B Silahahi’s call to keep the issue within the party (see previous post here).  Dani Sriyanto supported Andi Mallarangeng in the first round and Marzuki Alie in the second round.

h/t KP2KKN’s media blog, here.

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