Lawyers and Politicians Compete for Red Ferraris?

On Wednesday in the corruption trial of Nazzarudin, the former Democrat Party Treasurer, defence lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea questioned Youth and Sports Minister, Andi Mallarangeng, about his brother’s purchase of a red Ferrari for Rp. 6 billion ($700,000) that Hotman himself had been competing to buy.  Here’s the Jakarta Globe (link):

The brother of Youth and Sports Affairs Minister Andi Mallarangeng may have used bribe money to buy a red Ferrari, a Jakarta court heard on Wednesday.

Lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea, representing Muhammad Nazaruddin at the former Democratic Party treasurer’s trial in the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court, raised the suspicion before Andi took to the witness stand.

Hotman said that he and Andi’s younger brother Zulkarnain Mallarangeng, also known as Choel, were competing to buy a Rp 6 billion ($666,000) Ferrari at a showroom in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

I lost to him because he brought Rp 6 billion in cash to the showroom to buy the car. It should have been mine,” Hotman told the hearing before grilling the minister.

He said he had to wait for two months before being able to buy the same model of car from the showroom.

Hotman said that Choel’s purchase of the car took place just after he allegedly received Rp 10 billion in bribes from Mindo Rosalina Manulang, a former member of Nazaruddin’s staff, in 2010.

It’s seems quite extraordinary that the defence lawyer would bring up his own capacity to purchase a Ferrari in a corruption trail.  It shows just how influential high-profile lawyers are in Indonesia’s new democracy.  To me it also illustrates the competition between legal and political power.

h/t Reformasi Weekly Review, see here.

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One thought on “Lawyers and Politicians Compete for Red Ferraris?

  1. Patrick Barron says:

    Encapsulates a lot. Anything on what the general response was in the court or amongst the public reading the media reports. Would suspect that the lack of disgust there is probably the root of the problem…

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