Batang Bupati Steps Down, KP2KKN Petitions Central Java High Prosecutor

Last Monday KP2KKn sent a formal letter to the Chief High Prosecutor for Central Java requesting that the prosecutor complete its investigation of the former Bupati of Batang district, Bambang Bintoro.  The case originates from 2004 and the former Bupati was named a suspect in May 2008.  The letter was prompted by his leaving office on 13 February 2012.  Sending formal letters, identifying reasons for delays and putting pressure on law enforcement agents is a core strategy for civil society groups.

I’ve translated the letter and highlighted a few interesting parts below:

Number: 28/SK/KP2KKN/II/2012

Attachements: –

Re: Urging the Chief High Prosecutor or Central Java immediately conduct an investigation


Head of the High Court in Central Java

In –


Dear Sir,

Please allow us, the Committee for the Investigation and Eradication of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KP2KKN) Central Java, as a non-governmental organizations (NGOs) concentrated on the eradication and prevention of corruption, collusion and nepotism in particular that occurred in Central Java Province.

That data collected by Central Java KP2KKN relating to the alleged corruption of funds totally Rp. 796 million ($100,000) from the 2004 District Budget that was distributed Batang legislators in the Rose Room and which allegedly involves Bambang Bintoro Batang Regent be handled by the High Prosecutor in Central Java.

That in this case the High Prosecutor in Central Java has already declared former Batang Regent, Bambang Bintoro, as a corruption suspect in May 2008.

Based on the above KP2KKN Central Java request that the High Prosecutor’s Office of Central Java immediately conduct an investigation, arrest, detention and delegate the case file in the name of suspect Bambang Bintoro to the Semarang Corruption Court to be tried for alleged corruption. Considering that starting today, Monday, February 13, 2012, Bambang Bintoro no longer serves as an active regent, and there are no more excuses for the High Prosecutor of Central Java not continue the investigation against Bambang Bintoro.  For some time the High Prosecutor has provided the classic excuse that the President had not provided permission to examine the Batang Regent Bambang Bintoro as an active regional head involved in corruption cases.

Therefore, we believe there is no reason for the High Prosecutor’s Office of Central Java to further delay an investigation against the suspect Bambang Bintoro, because it is no longer necessary for President of the Republic of Indonesia to provide permission, and to ensure the equality of all people before the law.

Thus we submit this letter, and we thank you for your attention and cooperation in fighting corruption over the years.

Semarang, February 13, 2012


KP2KKN Central Java;


Eko Haryanto

Coordinator of the Division for the Monitoring of Law Enforcement Officials

The letter in Indonesian is available on KP2KKN’s media blog, here.


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