Silalahi Asks for Evidence of Party Congress Bribes

Today the recently appointed Head of Party Democrat’s Ethics Council, Tiopan Bernhard Silalahi, challenged Diana Maringka, the former Head of the Democrat Party branch office for Southeast Minahasa district, North Sulawesi, to provide proof that bribes were paid at the party’s 2010 Party Congress in Bandung.  This from Kompas, here:

“Don’t just talk, but bring the evidence,” said [Silalahi] when contacted on Friday night (10/02/2012). TB Silalahi promised to conduct an investigation if Diana had proof.  However, he questioned her decision to revealed the payment two years after the congress.

“Why [after the congress], she received and kept the money? That’s odd. Even so we will follow up,” said TB Silalahi.

Honorary Secretary of the Board of PD also deplored Diana’s to disclose the payment to the media, not to the regulatory commission. “These methods ruin the party,” he concluded.

“Jadi jangan hanya bicara, tapi bawa alat bukti,” kata dia ketika dihubungi, Jumat (10/2/2012) malam. TB Silalahi berjanji akan melakukan penyelidikan jika Diana memiliki bukti. Meski demikian, dia mempertanyakan langkah Diana yang baru mengungkapkan hal itu setelah dua tahun pascakongres.

“Kenapa sudah selesai, dia terima dan dia simpan duitnya? Itu ganjil. Walaupun begitu kita akan tindaklanjuti,” kata TB Silalahi.

Sekretaris Dewan Kehormatan PD itu juga menyesalkan langkah Diana yang mengungkapkan hal itu kepada media, bukan kepada komisi pengawas. “Cara-cara seperti ini merusak nama partai,” pungkasnya.

Other analysts suggested that Silahahi seems to be targetting the whistle blowers instead of the perpetrators:

The newly appointed secretary of Partai Demokrat’s Ethics Council, Lt Gen (ret) T. B. Silalahi, plans to sanction party members who publicly divulge corruption in the party, rather than sanctioning those who perpetrate it.

h/t Reformasi Weekly Review, see here.

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One thought on “Silalahi Asks for Evidence of Party Congress Bribes

  1. […] are not abiding by T B Silahahi’s call to keep the issue within the party (see previous post here).  Dani Sriyanto supported Andi Mallarangeng in the first round and Marzuki Alie in the second […]

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