Regional Democrat Party Secretary Requests Return of Bribes Paid at 2010 Party Congress

The Secretary of the Democrat Party for the Central Java branch, Dani Sriyanto, requests the return of bribes reportedly paid to secure the election of Anas Urbaningrum as party Chairman at the 2010 Congress.  In the statement reported in Suara Merdeka Sriyanto explained that he voted for Urbaningrum’s competitors, Andi Mallarangeng in the first round and Marzuki Alie in the second round.   It’s been acknolwedged by some regional party representatives that they received as much as Rp. 100 million ($11,000) from Urbaningrum’s “success team”, which the corruption suspect and former Democrat Party treasurer was a key member.  A few quotes from Suara Merdeka:

According to the Secretary of DPD, Dani Sriyanto, the funds distributed by M Nazarudin as a key member of Anas Urbangingrum’s team success who was then elected chairman seem to be a part of the corruption.

“As a good citizen and party cadre who’s mission is the eradication of corruption, please return the money. Moreover, if Congress participants who received from the executive or the legislature, the provision is classified as gratification,” said Dani, Friday (10/2).  …

The issue of money politics at the Democratic Congress again emerged after the former Chairman of the Regional Party Council for Southeast Minahasa, Diana Maringka, acknowledged that she received of Rp. 100 million in U.S. dollars and rupiah. She also said she was given a BlackBerry by Anas’s faction.

Dani said he did not take a bribe, because since the beginning it was clear that Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono supported Andi Mallarangeng. After Andi lost in the first round, Dani claimed to support the candidate Marzuki Alie.

Menurut Sekretaris DPD Dani Sriyanto, aliran dana yang dibagikan M Nazarudin sebagai tim sukses utama dari Anas Urbangingrum yang kemudian terpilih menjadi ketua umum terindikasi sebagai bagian dari korupsi.

”Sebagai warga negara yang baik dan kader partai yang lakonnya adalah pemberantasan tindak korupsi, tolong uang itu dikembalikan. Apalagi jika peserta kongres yang menerima berasal dari eksekutif atau legislatif, maka pemberian itu tergolong gratifikasi,” ungkap Dani, Jumat (10/2). …

Isu politik uang dalam Kongres Demokrat kembali mencuat setelah mantan Ketua DPC Minahasa Tenggara Diana Maringka mengaku mendapat uang Rp 100 juta dalam bentuk dolar AS dan rupiah. Dia juga menyatakan diberi BlackBerry oleh kubu Anas.

Dani menyatakan tak menerima uang suap lantaran sejak awal terlihat pilihan Ketua Dewan Pembina Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono adalah Andi Mallarangeng. Setelah Andi kalah di putaran pertama, Dani mengaku mendukung kandidat Marzuki Alie.

The article also includes the response to Dani’s request from a number of Central Java district party representatives.  The Head of the Magelang city party branch, HM Hasan Suryoyudho, said they have always supported Urbaningrum; the Secretary of the Surakarta city branch, Supriyanto, said that he spent his personal money covering the costs of attending the congress; while the Head of the Purworejo branch acknowledged attending the congress but said that he failed to vote.

Interesting to see how this develops and whether it results in any genuine effort to use the case to “drain the swamp” (to borrow a term from The Sun investigations here in the UK — see here).

Suara Merdeka article available here.

h/t KP2KKN’s media blog, here.

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