Status of 7 presidential requests to investigate regional heads for corruption

On Wednesday Kompas reported on the status of seven requests for presidential permission to investigate regional heads.  As I wrote yesterday (see here), written permission is required from the president to initiate a pre-investigation or investigation of regional heads of government.  I don’t know the details of these cases, but I thought I’d note the status of the requests and the political affiliation of the suspects:

Those that received permission from the President:

  • Eddy Rumpoko, Mayor of Batu, East Java, PDIP
  • Mukhlis, Mayor of Pariaman, West Sumatra, Golkar

Those requests still pending:

  • Otto Ihalauw, Sorong, West Papua, Golkar
  • Andi Harahap, Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Golkar
  • Amirul Tamim, Bau-Bau, South East Sulawesi, PPP
  • Muhtadin Serai, South Oku, South Sumatra, Coalition including PD and Golkar
  • Eddy Yusuf, South Sumatra (Governor), PD
  • Yulius Nawawi, Ogan Komering Ul, South Sumatra, Coalition including PD, PKS, PPP, and PKB

I find it frustrating that newspapers almost never report the political affiliation of politicians involved in corruption cases. I guess locally everyone knows who is broadly affiliated with which party, but I can’t help thinking that it makes political accountability at the ballot box more difficult.

Kompas article here.

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One thought on “Status of 7 presidential requests to investigate regional heads for corruption

  1. […] to investigate Governors and District Heads in corruption investigations–see here and here.  Article 36 (3), which requires presidential permission to arrest regional heads, was spared. […]

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