Kabupaten Karanganyar at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently ruled on two interesting cases from Karanganyar district in Central Java. One involves a former Deputy Bupati (Mayor) and one the husband of the current Bupati.

Sri Sadoyo Hardjomigoeno was Deputy Bupati from 2003-2008, although the case concerns corruption of the 2001 District Budget while he was Deputy Chair of the District Representative Council. In 2009 the local State Court acquitted Sri Sadoyo of both the primary and secondary corruption charges.  The local prosecutors Umum Endang and Dwi Nurhayati appealed straight to the Supreme Court–as Indonesian procedures stipulate that appeals skip the High Courts at the provincial level when a State Court acquits all charges.  Interestingly, the Supreme Court convicted Sri Sadoyo on the secondary charge of violating article 55 para 1 of the Penal Code (juncto article 65 para 1) but not the primary charge of violating article 2 para 1 of the Corruption Eradication Law (Law No 31/1999 juncto Law No 30/2001).  He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 100 million ($11,000) and ordered to pay compensation of Rp. 55,786 million ($60,000).  This is quite strong as sentences seem to have become lighter in recent years.  It’s not insignificant that he is no longer in power.  My research suggests that corruption prosecutions are more likely to happen after the suspect leaves office as he or she no longer has the political power (and funds) to prevent criminal proceedings from proceeding.

Tony Iwan Haryono is the husband of the current Bupati of Karanganyar, Ira Iriani.  He was prosecuted for corruption in relation to the construction of social housing in the district.  If I recall correctly, he acknowledged either in the State Court proceedings (or it might have been to the press during the investigation) that his wife was involved in the corruption and benefited from the transaction. Indeed, it seems highly unlikely that his wife, who, as I mentioned, is the current Bupati, was not somehow implicated.  However, the local prosecutors didn’t consider widening the investigation.  The Supreme Court rejected the appeal, and thus upheld the provincial High Court’s sentence of 4 years imprisonment, Rp. 300 million ($33,000) fine, and the payment of Rp. 3,247 billion ($360,000) compensation.  It will be interesting to see whether Ira Iriani faces the courts only after she leaves office (local elections are due in 2013).

h/t Adi from Suara Merdeka — see here and here.


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